Netgear EX6150 as WiFi repeater

Hi all

I am running Openwrt on a Netgear EX6150 as an access point (I have a separate router).
Now I have bought a second EX6150 which I want to use to extend my WiFi network.
I have tried a relayd configuration according to this guide
unfortunately without success...

Is anyone using EX6150 as a repeater and could share their configuration?


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The best solution would be to run wired ethernet to the second access point. I admit this may not be possible in your case.

For a WiFi repeater, I recommend WDS mode if supported by the EX6150. Relay mode is inferior, but may be necessary where WDS is not supported and a bridge-like behaviour is desired.

Hi mpa

Thanks for your post.
You are right, running a cable is not possible.

I tried to use WDS with the EX6150 but it was not working so I guessed it is not supported.
Is there any way to figure out for sure if WDS is supported? I have checked the hardware documentation but it is not mentioned.


According to your profile, you own the EX6150v2, which is using the ath10k driver. I am not using ath10k with WDS myself. Searching the forum, I found:

According to the discussion there, the issue should be solved by now, but you might want to check the firmware version.

If WDS or relayd do not work for you, other options could be:

  • use the second AP in router mode
  • set up a GRE tunnel (search the forum)

Hi mpa

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I managed to get WDS working with the two Netgear Ex6150v2, consulting this guide:


Best regards, Marc

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