Netgear EX3700 Extender setup

Greetings. I recently flashed 21.02.1 on EX3700. I need step by step procedure for WiFi repeater setup in Luci. Which additional packages are needed and how do I install them? Is there a build available with these packages?

Thank you in advance.

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You are right. Thank you for your suggestions. I have wasted inordinate engineering hours on different experiments. I hope someone has found the right recipe and updates it here.

You didn't click the link, did you?

I did click the link. That is version 17.xx. It is different from 21.xx and the interface has changed and additional parameters are needed. I tried it already. I may have to downgrade it to 17.xx for a solution. Please see the images for version. I had to unbrick this extender on numerous occasions. It is time consuming.

Thank you again.

If there isn't an updated version posted in the forum, try setting it up on 19.07, then upgrading and keeping the settings, even though it's not the recommendation.

Another option is obviously trial and error, based on the link provided ,)

Thank you for the magic version number. I will wait other solution(s) and make decisions accordingly. Were you successful with 19.07?

I don't own the device, the statement is based purely on logic :slight_smile:

Upgrading from 17 to 19 shouldn't impose any risk.

Got it. Sounds like a safe bet. Thank you again.

You need to remove wpa-basic-wolfssl and install wpa-wolfsll (or wpa-mesh-wolfsll, but the size difference is irrelevant). You can also build your own image or use an online image build. You will need the same file on your main router, assuming it also runs OpenWrt.

Use the link provided by @frollic
This page provides info for how to setup the device as a repeater, it only requires a minute.

Thank you badulesia. This is a low end extender with numerous issues. Any experiment takes several minutes and is unsuitable for any type of frameware recipe development. I think you may have provided me with a reasonable solution.

I was able to to make it work with VPN installation and reliablilty testing is in progress.

I am open to frameware experiments for higher end hardware. Several high end routers are expected to be delivered next year. I will be in a better position to undertake frameware experiments after delivery.

Thank you for your time, attention and effort on this matter. I am also grateful to the community for all their effort.

Best regards and happy holidays.


Oh ? I have just realized it's a EX3700, I understood EX7300. Yes it's a low end device. You may be able to install OpenWrt on it, but performances will be sluggish. Try to find a better device. You can also use an old router as an extender.