Netgear EX3700 - 5.0 Ghz Channel Issue

I have a few of these, but none of them want to work on channels higher than 48.

On version 19.07, if you change to a higher channel than 48, the radio appears disabled and shows "Device is not active". On version 21.02, it will not let me change to any channel and is stuck on 36.

Is this a known issue/limitation or am I missing something?

Make sure you have the correct Country Code set.

Additionally, run iw list and check the Frequencies section to see which channels are supported at what power level, and the VHT Capabilites section to see what channel widths are supported.

Thanks. Switching power back to "driver default" seems to fixed it on the 19.07 devices. "iw list" was showing 22 dBm for all frequencies.

I upgraded the one that was running 21.02 to the latest 21.02.3 and it seems to let me change the channel and power

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