Netgear DM200 VDSL Modem

Currently using an old Openreach modem providing the internet to my R7800 but it's becoming more and more erratic so looking for something to replace it, my ISP sells hardware and there option was the Comtrend VR3030, however I noticed Netgear also do one called the DM200 and from what I can tell it supports openwrt?

Anyone had any experience with the DM200? I'm on a 80/20 service so at the upper end of VDSL speeds.

Would it be worth putting openwrt on it, if its purely being a modem?

Given that you're apparently located in the UK, the should be easily available (<10 GBP plus shipping) to you on the second hand market. The initial flashing is not exactly for the faint of heart, so you may prefer devices preflashed with OpenWrt (which tend to sell for ~20 GBP plus shipping).

While those work fine as full featured modem-router, you can also configure it to work as (bridged) modem only, see for details.

Netgear's stock firmware is based on Openwrt, and the latest vdsl driver in the stock firmware works very well.

Openwrt runs fine on the DM200 in bridge mode, though the Openwrt default dsl firmware does not support G.INP or Vectoring.
@iamacarpet produced a simple script to create a simple bridge mode dm200 firmware: Lantiq XRX200 Automatic ADSL/VDSL Mode Switching

Which Openreach Modem are you using, ECI or Huawei?
The Comtrend VR3030 is on the Openreach Approved Modem list, perfectly decent.
The only openwrt based router that I know of on that list is the Zyxel VMG1312-B10A, this runs a custom fork of Openwrt Barrier Breaker, but as it has a broadcom chipset you would not be able run actual Openwrt on it.

If you are interested, I have two Zyxel 2812s for sale that are fully supported and are running the latest OpenWRT release.

Hello, cheers for the link, that looks a bit complicated for me, I'm not ready to build firmwares myself yet, I'm still learning.

Glad you got it working though. Do you know if it works on the newest 19.07.3 firmware??

My current modem is an unlocked Huawei HG612, it's ok just getting very old now, it's from about 2013 I think??


It works with 19.07, i do have a copy, but as I use the dsl firmware blob from I'm not sure I can include it here for download.