Netgear discontinued R7800 what is as good?

Lightning strike zapped my R7800 and other electronics so I am looking for a replacement. Netgear discontinued the R7800. What is a OpenWrt alternative that is just as powerful and well supported?

you used the oem firmware on your r7800 ?

Get a used R7800?


Depending on local pricing and availability, the ZyXEL Armor Z2/ NBG6817 is basically equivalent to the r7800 as well.

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No, running a honeyman build from master.

Used equipment can be unreliable. I would like to purchase new.

I will look to this one unless other people can suggestion different models.

The Z2 also seems to be discontinued and not readily available in the US.

You might look at gl-inet devices, they come with a modified OpenWrt already, and they tend to send their stuff upstream so regular OpenWrt works well on them. Most of their stuff is in the travel router space but the b1300 works well in a main router role. You might look to replace the single central router architecture with a multiple access point architecture.

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Here in europe amazon sells new r7800 without a problem... Anyway these are router... they just work. Used network equipment is safe.

Espacially safe when you install your own software.

yep a little ot but the first thing to do with used equipment is just reflesh the system. Never trust the seller.

I bought two r7800s and a d7800 used as new, for 70 € each. Lot of people don't know what they have.

If you're in North America, Askey RAC2V1K / RT4230W REV6 Support could be another option - only available used, but rather cheap in comparison (OpenWrt support pending).