Netgear D7800 - No internet

I don't have that in my current config. Does this config look OK?

Change the VLAN ID from 2 to 100
Change the WAN/VLAN-100 from untagged to tagged.

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Reset your router and do what mbo2o has written below.

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I reset the device and then did this. Still no internet.

Time to call your ISP for help

Read that as well. It needs to be a gigabit ethernet switch not just fast ethernet

Yes, ebswift and I have been communicating on Whirlpool today (an Australian forum). His setup is different to mine in that he's using a bridged VDSL modem with his.

I'm using a gigabit switch and have confirmed with him that I was trying the same cable setup as him. Still no luck. I think I might call it quits.

hi man, its been about a year xD
and i purchased this same router D7800 specialy for the high ram and flash.

however when installing open wrt the WAN port does not want work , even tho i set a static ip.
this is driving me crazy as i spend couple hundrend bucks on this only for costume firmware.

opened a thread for that, D7800 Wan problem

wanted to ask ya, have u solve this issue ?


Nope. I returned it to stock and sold it. Best thing I ever did.

I will say this though. I bought a R7500v2 from the US and had it shipped to Australia, and it had the same issue with the WAN port with OpenWrt. It must be something to do with providers in Australia. Both models worked fine with stock firmware.

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