Netgear D7800 - is it supported?

I'm thinking of buying one of these modem-routers (used), but I'm not sure from my googling whether this modem-router is supported by LEDE, and whether the builtin VDSL2 modem is supported?

Please could someone clarify this for me. I'd hate to buy one and find I can't upgrade to OpenWRT/LEDE.

If that won't work well, what other VDSL2 modem-routers are supported that have the processing grunt to handle an OpenVPN tunnel without slowing to a crawl (unlike my BT Homehub 5A whose throughput drops from 52Mbps down to about 9Mbps when the VPN tunnel is being used)?

Many thanks

According the DSL modem is not supported, and Netgear D7800 build shows the same status.

Is the VDSL2 modem support something that is being worked on but isn't quite there yet, or is there a fundamental problem which means it is unlikely ever to be supported?

Are any of the developers able to cast some light on this?

Many thanks

I believe some people are working on it, but it's a more modern Lantiq chip than is used in the HH5 which has support. It shouldn't be impossible to support as Netgear have a version of OpenWRT forked from Barrier Breaker with it working.

Hi guys
i have installed the openwrt-18.06.1-ipq806x-netgear_d7800-squashfs-factory.img on the D7800 hoping to have a modem router that i could run a vpn directly from, however i see now that the dsl modem side is not supported. so i would like to go back to stock firmware.
Very new to Openwrt, so was hoping someone would help me out.
i see 2 methods available to me, sftp over the firmware to /tmp and run a command line or upload the file with TFTPD file server, will either method work with this router?
thanks for heads up

You will need to use tftp, as the partitioning (the split between kernel and rootfs) differs between OpenWrt and the Netgear OEM firmware.