Netgear D7800 build

Thanks Mathias, that looks like the patch damiano has under: target/linux/ipq806x/patches-4.4/798-ltq-vrx320-ep-driver.patch. I am still trying to build everything and should have something soon I hope.

Any news on vdsl lantiq driver working or not? Is the vdsl modem responding or not?

Sry guys i'm, switching to fiber from dsl :slight_smile: , so I cant help you anymore ...
Of course i can share my work ....

JoshW any news on the lantiq driver? Does it work? Need any help?

I haven't had time lately and I haven't made any progress. Damiano got a bit further than me but still stuck on getting the ADSL working.

Any News on this?


Silly question I'm sure, but have you looked into the forked version of Barrier Breaker that Netgear have available on their open source firmware microsite? Might be possible to look at the diffs between mainline to see exactly what they changed to get it working.

Looking at the FCC filing, the Lantiq xDSL is on a daughterboard that's linked to the main PCB.

Can I have a link to this "Netgear open source firmware microsite". I can't seem to find it.

It's MyOpenRouter, the D7800 build of Attitude Adjustment is here:

This build does not have functioning vdsl modem. So back to compiling modules for D7800 modem :wink:. It is the first openwrt build for D7800. If you want to look at the changes inspect changeset, there is a link to it in that page.

Hey Damiano can I have a look at your D7800 work? Maybe I can figure out howto enable this lantiq chip.

I am willing to pay a bounty (50 euro?) for the one how gets the vdsl functionality to work.

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I've got the sources from Netgear. Very old or odd build system is used. I am in a state of rewriting makefiles for dsl packages so they compile on lede build machinery. Since I'm using gcc7.2 for compilation I will encounter further problems.

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do you have a github repo with your changes?

I will push the changes, when I get the makefiles ready. So stanby, because I do not know how long that will take. SInce Damiano and JoshW are not responding and I haven't found they sources, I'll have to find some time to do it outside my work.

I bought a D7800 a few months ago and I hate the netgear firmware and I really hope you guys figure it out.

Ah. Can't find ltq-oam- package anywhere in netgear GPL sources. The description file states this package is a binary. That might be a problem. The ltq_vrx320_datapath_drv-1.0.0-1 is using proprietary qualcomm ipq806x driver package qcom-nss-drv. (NSS= network subsystem). Found it here:

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I'm sorry. I'm not a developer, but I trust you guys will figure it out and help me through the crap netgear firmware :slight_smile:

I'm still working on the Lede D7800xdsl build. But it is going slowly. I doing it in my free time and I do not have it much to spare.
The original NetG firmware is based on OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 rc1. Why would anyone use RC1 as a base for their production firmware? Baffles me. But There is evidence in that FW it was made by some CN firm :). By the way I found an easy way to browse thru compiled FW file :). The official OpenWRT for D7800 by NetG is based on AA 12.09.1. There are no package repos for these particular AA versions, so no packages can be installed :(.
NetG opensource archives are real mess, and I think some errors where maybe introduced on purpose.
Anyway here is my hub with D7800xdsl.
Of course pulling it, installing lede build essentials, feeds and putting missing packs to dl dir from NetG sources is necessary to get build system working. Don't expect it to build to the end, as I am still fixing the packages. Someone wants to help?
The goal is to compile the firmware. Put it on D7800 and see what does and what does not work and fix it with some luck.

The D7800 should be supported in current master just fine, the 'only' problem will be with the integrated VDSL modem. The good part, it's a lantiq modem chipset for which drivers exist - the bad part, no one else has tried to couple a lantiq modem to a non-lantiq SOC so far (and lantiq being big endian, while ipq8065 is little endian based won't necessarily help either).

Yes, it might not be easy to get the xDSL modem working, but it's a better idea than working on an ancient code base which has been royally messed up by the SOC and device vendor to make up their SDK (don't expect there to be any compatibility (even less so on a binary level) between OpenWrt 12.09-rc1 and what Qualcomm has made out of it for their QSDK, which forms the basis for their D7800 firmware releases).