Netgear D7800 build

Hey Damiano can I have a look at your D7800 work? Maybe I can figure out howto enable this lantiq chip.

I am willing to pay a bounty (50 euro?) for the one how gets the vdsl functionality to work.

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I've got the sources from Netgear. Very old or odd build system is used. I am in a state of rewriting makefiles for dsl packages so they compile on lede build machinery. Since I'm using gcc7.2 for compilation I will encounter further problems.

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do you have a github repo with your changes?

I will push the changes, when I get the makefiles ready. So stanby, because I do not know how long that will take. SInce Damiano and JoshW are not responding and I haven't found they sources, I'll have to find some time to do it outside my work.

I bought a D7800 a few months ago and I hate the netgear firmware and I really hope you guys figure it out.

Ah. Can't find ltq-oam- package anywhere in netgear GPL sources. The description file states this package is a binary. That might be a problem. The ltq_vrx320_datapath_drv-1.0.0-1 is using proprietary qualcomm ipq806x driver package qcom-nss-drv. (NSS= network subsystem). Found it here:

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I'm sorry. I'm not a developer, but I trust you guys will figure it out and help me through the crap netgear firmware :slight_smile:

I'm still working on the Lede D7800xdsl build. But it is going slowly. I doing it in my free time and I do not have it much to spare.
The original NetG firmware is based on OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 rc1. Why would anyone use RC1 as a base for their production firmware? Baffles me. But There is evidence in that FW it was made by some CN firm :). By the way I found an easy way to browse thru compiled FW file :). The official OpenWRT for D7800 by NetG is based on AA 12.09.1. There are no package repos for these particular AA versions, so no packages can be installed :(.
NetG opensource archives are real mess, and I think some errors where maybe introduced on purpose.
Anyway here is my hub with D7800xdsl.
Of course pulling it, installing lede build essentials, feeds and putting missing packs to dl dir from NetG sources is necessary to get build system working. Don't expect it to build to the end, as I am still fixing the packages. Someone wants to help?
The goal is to compile the firmware. Put it on D7800 and see what does and what does not work and fix it with some luck.

The D7800 should be supported in current master just fine, the 'only' problem will be with the integrated VDSL modem. The good part, it's a lantiq modem chipset for which drivers exist - the bad part, no one else has tried to couple a lantiq modem to a non-lantiq SOC so far (and lantiq being big endian, while ipq8065 is little endian based won't necessarily help either).

Yes, it might not be easy to get the xDSL modem working, but it's a better idea than working on an ancient code base which has been royally messed up by the SOC and device vendor to make up their SDK (don't expect there to be any compatibility (even less so on a binary level) between OpenWrt 12.09-rc1 and what Qualcomm has made out of it for their QSDK, which forms the basis for their D7800 firmware releases).

I trying to fire up that vr10_320 dsl board in D7800. There is special acceleration api (ppa) that is used to talk to dsl part and I think it will only work with qualcomm gmac driver. Someone told me there is stmmac driver in the kernel, but I doubt ppa_api will work with it. I have no specs on vr10_320 since lantiq it is owned by Intel now.

So how is it going? Anything i can do to help you?

You can check the progress here. Currently I am stuck on nss-gmac and kernel 4.14 incompatibility, ehh.
slh do you know where to find 12.09-rc1 code and package repos? If there is someone which still holds them to date.

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i've got a problem with my D7800: since now i used it as AP only.
But now i configured it as router with wan.
OOB the eth0 interface is a vlan 2 with cpu port 0 tagged plus port 5 (wan-port).
But it doesn't get any traffic if i connect it to my modem with 100mbit.
If i connect a 1Gbit switch between modem an wan-port it works.
I am on snapshot release.
Can anyone confirm this?

ps.: as a workaround i configured the switch with two vlans on eth1
pps.: any luck with vdsl integration?

VDSL integration is progressing - slowwwwly, as I can work on it on weekends only now. I need to fix/rewrite lantiq kernel drivers for 4.14 kernel. Tons of fixing compile bugs and than testing it if it finally compiles with GCC8.2 and I'm working on it alone.
I can't help with with testing latest OWRT for D7800 and your problem, because I do not use it with OWRT now. But...
It seems like net address incompatibility. Mostly WAN port on routers has to have IP assigned by DHCP or input manually. Is your modem running DHCP? Not many modems have DHCP running. Maybe the switch has DHCP and configures the IPs correctly? Sorry I can not help more, but to small input is provided. Maybe I can diagnose further if I knew the modem model.

Hi winyl,

I know how hard to find time during the weekends to work on this, I hope the struggle did/will not discourage you from continuing.

I'm planning to buy the NG D7800 modem/router very soon in replacement for my old WNR3500Lv1 (too slow with OpenVPN) and optionnaly my ISP Modem (SFR NB6)

So worst case I can still flash OWRT on it and use it like a R7800 (without the modem functionnality), but first I will test it with the original firmware first to check if it provides better internet speeds.

Hi everybody,
I've opened a thread about >18.06.0 version, I don't know why, but I can flash on my netgear only the last 17 version. Can you help me in order to debug this situation?
this is the link of the thread.

<3 <3

@dissent1 I apologise for reviving this topic but it has been a few years since, and I have not seen the patches you made upstream. I decided to draft a pull request based on your work but to the latest 4.14 kernel,

@winyl Thanks for your work in making this happen, I noticed you made a new commit to your own fork on github, are you still having issues with the xDSL module on your build? I have D7800 running 18.06.5, and have no use for xDSL portion as I am on docsis cable. However, I have found a forked build of OpenWRT that may have support for xDSL,

Not entirely sure if these links are of any help as I have noticed the other two users, @damiano and @TheJoshW went silent over their progress. Here is hoping that it may help you and/or others.

Your forked OpenWRT is also missing the patches from @dissent1 and I wrote a draft pull request which includes that. I noticed there's a commented out section on the modem in the third PCI slot for D7800 DTS within the your fork. Not sure if which version is better in regards to this.

As for NSS, there is an existing thread discussing about that, IPQ806x NSS Drivers. The short story appears to be that the maintainer opted to stick with 17.01 version as that appears to work better in their case, leaving those who are using newer versions, be willing to try experimenting it for themselves.

Hi Winyl,
Are we any closer to getting the xdsl running on this device. I noticed you made some recent commits so just wondering if you have some semblance of working xdsl?
I'm using the router as we speak and would love to have the vdsl2 working.


@winyl @net_wayfarer @rossini

Hi, hope you guys are doing well. Its been a long time I am wondering if any successful progress have been made to get dsl modem working in this specific machine Thanks !