Netgear D6300 router+modem

I would like to try openwrt on my netgear d6300,
if anybody here help me or provide openWrt Firmware for it i would be ready to test it.
Thanks in adv.

these units really are a horrible peace of hardware
it's a old design of a modem with 2.4G with a bridged 5G wifi stage with it's own cpu & ram that never worked correctly
unusable as an access point from day 1
the 5G part even has no username & password so you can telnet in & get the wifi info out of it very insecure never use this in guest mode
anyway this has broadcom radios so I don't think it will ever have openwrt support

Hardware specs:

May be you r correct, and that may be the reason even ddwrt is not available for it.

I think there are some Broadcom devices supported by openwrt.

the wifi driver for the AC side has it's own CPU & ram not part of the main CPU
the wifi module is a bcm 4360 BCM4360 wifi drivers
don't get me wrong it could be done & I encourage you to have a go
but realistically I looked at this & ran for the hills
if you can get to Melbourne Australia you can have the 2 I have here free tho 1 in in bits
Unlike Netgear I'm not going to sell someone something that I know is faulty
I was thinking they may be useful as an access point as the software has the option & the R6300 work's well
but well ............ anyway you are welcome to look on netgears form's for the answer to that one

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