Netgear A8000 (AXE3000) to mt7921au chipset section


I noticed that Netgear A8000 (AXE3000) was added to linux kernel 5.19 in AP mode. I just ordered one and looking forward to test it on x86 install, any idea when the snapshot get this kernel version?

Did you get it running? I'd like to have it with OpenWrt 22.03.4. Looking at #11796 it should be possible?


the snapshot version I tired, did not work, I sure can try again with the latest snapshot.

I think the kernel version is still too low (5.15), shold be 5.19

If you add

echo 0846 9060 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/mt7921u/new_id

to /etc/rc.local

the device is visible but luci shows Device is not active.