Netflix VPN issues


I recently set up an OpenWRT router with client pptp, the router and VPN access work fine, but I can't get Netflix to work on smart tv.
I am using Private Internet Access.
The TV is connected via ETHERNET cable.
Youtube works perfectly, only netfix doesn't work.

Perhaps Netflix is detecting and blocking your VPN.



how to configure not to block the netflix site?

I don't know much about openwrt, any help is welcome

what does the tv do?

assuming this diagnosis is correct ( likely )... the simple answer is "you don't"... the most common/pragmatic solution for this situation is to use Policy Routing to send netflix traffic only over the regular WAN and not the VPN.

It's not easy.

So the next is to still use Policy Routing and send ALL the TV traffic via the regular WAN.

Plenty of threads / guides for you to lookup on how to do that.

You may also let netflix know... as a paying user, that this policy is not to your liking. Good luck with that... but assuming 15% of their user base did this tomorrow and then cancelled subscriptions.... you'd wonder what might result.

To be fair, content is geographically available for valid underlying reasons....

However... if you use a VPN endpoint within your country and they block you.... this is worthy of dissent/exception.

Do other devices work with netflix over the VPN?

Displays the message: Trying to connect
error code appears: NW-2-5 - Unable to connect to netflix

Yes, for example youtube on TV.
Netflix charges on the mobile phone on the same wifi connection network, but mirroring on the tv doesn't charge.

It might be better to fix your topic title - this smells like Netflix VPN issues all over the place - and better yet check with your VPN provider. This is not an issue related to OpenWrt in any way.

One of the first hits on DuckDuckGo is this btw.

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fwiw, have you tried contacting PIA customer services to see if there is a specific server you can use to access Netflix which isn't currently blocked?

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