Netflix and Prime outside Wireguard VPN with pbr

How to get Netflix and Prime packets ignored by the Wireguard VPN, and connecting directly through the ISP?

I’m facing a problem with this:

I have a functional Wireguard VPN with routes managed by pbr. But Netflix and Prime are detecting that I’m using a VPN. So I want to setup VPN ignoring all the Netflix and Prime traffics, passing directly through the ISP, including DNS resolvers advertised by peers only for those services.

Already tried:

  • dnsmasq upset activated;

Custom default scripts enabled:

  • “/usr/share/pbr/”
  • “/usr/share/pbr/”

Still couldn’t get Netflix or Prime working properly on this cenario.

Thanks a lot

Setup the clients using Netflix and Prime not to use VPN. You can do this by:

  • IP
  • MAC
  • another VLAN for non VPN, etc.