Netfilter accounting with offload


So i've seen this patch in master -;a=commitdiff;h=1d4d156a7ce67988f922c470f622f6dd2a5c161b
This should make traffic accounting work with offload. I've tried master yesterday with the newest snapshot on my Ubnt ERX, and it doesn't seem to work, neither in software nor hardware offload. Is there something missing?

How do you account the traffic? iptables quota or connbytes? Note that packets in a connection which is offloaded won't go through iptables rules any more.
luci-bwc and @jow 's nlbwmon still work, because they either use procfs or netlink to talk to the kernel and get the accounting information.

I'd have to doublecheck with nlbwmon, but I was looking at the counter in the firewall tab in luci. I actually only care about nlbwmon

Yep, just checked, both nlbwmon and realtime traffic in luci are dead silent (well mostly, just a couple of kilobytes) after enabling hardware offload. However, software offload indeed works.

Hardware offload completely bypasses CPU and cannot be accounted by any means..

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