Netfid: reload does not remove ipv6 prefixes?

I wrote some script to automatically get IPv6 prefix delegation done in a layer 3 babel mesh network. Assigning IPv6 prefixes can be done with a reload. But a prefix is not removed if I do a reload? Just a restart helps. A restart seems to me to aggressive.

If I remember correctly, stale prefixes are marked as deprecated and not advertised by odhcpd.

I'm not sure if there's a lifetime limit, but you should be able to remove deprecated addresses like this:

ip -6 address flush deprecated
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Thanks! I tried a reload again and suddenly the prefix is removed! :slight_smile:

I will let the script run for some days and if they are not removed I will use your cmd! Thanks a lot.

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Thanks! The cmd is working perfectly! :slight_smile:
I have to add that to my script. The IPv6 route was not deleted again. Tried ip -6 address flush deprecated and it worked immediately,

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@vgaetera There is still some issue that if the prefix is removed, it is not removed at the client. :confused: Can I somehow force the client to remove the assigned ipv6 address again?

I have a working solution with:

    option dhcpv6 'server'
    option ra 'server'
    option leasetime '3m'
    option ra_useleasetime '1'

So a blackout only affects 3minutes. :wink:
Someone a better solution?

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Hmmmm, I switched to kernel 5.4 and suddenly reload and flushing is not enough anymore. :confused:

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