Netduma and tp link archer c7

hello i have a modem --> tp link --> netduma r1 i have installed a project lede but i have nat moderate on my console ps4

why ? i have view the tutorial on youtube , the good thing make is mode bridge on my tp link but i don't have how make

thanks for help

Just to be clear, LEDE is installed where, on the TP Link, the Netduma or both ?

Also, can you clarify if you have:
Modem ==> (WAN)TP Link(LAN) ==> (WAN)Netduma(LAN) ==> Devices
Modem ==> (WAN)TP Link(LAN) ==> (LAN)Netduma(LAN) ==> Devices

If you have an original TP Link firmware on it, did you enable UPnp ?

hello djipi i have a project lede on only the tp link and i have i think the first schema is just at have

but he doit have a configuration for open the port or dmz , i don't know if i do dmz or the mode bridge on my tp link

Is the Netduma required? If you are after bufferbloat then I don't think that double nat is going to help and I would take it out.

Instead what I would do is install sqm scripts on the tp link and upnp.

Is this video of any help?

His detailed network topology is missing, but I think he might be using double-nat with some kind of "DMZ" in LEDE.

See this thread for "DMZ-like" configuration: DMZ in luci please?