Netdata consumes flash on mips/ramips devices running OpenWrt?

I recently installed it on my device and the question arose whether netdata stores information in ram or flash memory. Apparently it’s stored in ram, which makes me more relieved, but at the end of the graphics there’s a call for “NetData Disk Space Plugin CPU usage” which implies that it’s stored on disk. Could someone solve my doubt if netdata writes some information in the flash memory?

That to me implies it is showing the CPU usage for the plugin which is looking at disk space usage.

Look at /etc/netdata /var/cache/netdata and /var/lib/netdata
/etc/netdata will generally be on flash memory, but should only be used for configuration.
/var/cache/netdata and /var/lib/netdata are both, of course, in /var which by default points to /tmp and is a ram disk.

Unless you have set up a persistent /var you are likely safe. That said, the authoritative place to go to is

Another friend you can look at is the strace command, which you can use to dump a trace of every system call a binary makes. This way you can look at what disk writes are being done.


Thanks, I'll check.

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