Need your help to revert TP-Link TD-W8968 v3 firmware


Hi folks!
I loaded Openwrt firmware (openwrt-18.06.2-brcm63xx-generic-FAST2704N-squashfs-cfe.bin) in my old router (tplink w8968 v3). Everything was working fine except for wifi and adsl. Realizing these limitations, I wanted to revert firmware back to its original state. So I downloaded the .bin file from Tplink website and generated stripped .bin file with 'dd' command. Tried to flash that with CFE bootloader, which didn't accept the image file (says 'illegal image'). Also tried out sysupgrade and mtd commands from ssh but it didn't work. Router's bootloader (cfe) is still intact and I can still flash openwrt image and boot it successfully.

Btw I have put block size value as 512 and tried these skip parameters 128,129,256 & 257 in the dd command to generate stripped .bin files. All of them did not work. After flashing these images, Router showed only the CFE webpage after reboot.

Please let me know how to get back stock firmware running on this router.


If the CFE bootloader is intact and you can access the recovery webpage then I'd suggest to use an older TpLink firmware and just flash it without stripping. It should work for you.


These firmwares from tplink site doesn't contain the word 'boot' in the file name. So I tried loading it directly through CFE at first. But it failed saying 'illegal image'. Later I read some articles on openwrt wiki and on friedzombie site about stripping the .bin files. I'm not sure on how many bytes should I strip from the bin file to make it a valid file for the CFE loader.

Here's some info regarding the partitions:

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