Need video on how to install OpenWrt on Mi 4c with zram swap package

I need reference video of installation of open wrt firmware along with zram swap package.Any help will be appreciated.

Do not duplicate threads, please, you got related video walking through 4A gigabit in previous one. By the time you reach dozen clients you should have found where to install packages.

From my experience OpenWRT is not stable on this model Xiaomi 4C. I recommend to use Padavan firmware on it.

Heh, it is memory consumption thing addressed by zram-swap....

go to
select your model if it is there
click on - Change the list of installed packages and/or the first boot script
and add this at the very end separated by a space
zram-swap kmod-lib-lz4
and create the firmware

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This one?Also side questions. is 21.02.0 rc3 stable?What does rc3 mean?

23.05.3 is stable version, install it and stop worrying.
-rc means release candidate, before 21.02.0 was released.

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So I install 21.02.9 then update firmware with the new sysupgrade?

Follow the device page to the letter.