Need usb support for wr1043v1

what openwrt firmwer to install to have support for usb hdd usb stick memory?

please leave a link i have small problems i tryed to find in relases but am losted please send me link for fw for tplonk wr1043 v1 router what open wrt or lede? or some open wrt with softwere and usb support

Any version should do

just install kmod-usb-storage package

i think i understund thank you jaromanda its pakage like httpd for ports only these is for usb support :slight_smile:

all i have to do is have seted dns in network - interface - lan - edit type two dns any can be to work and set gateway plug internet cable
than system - software ,update list than go in Download and install package:
type: kmod-usb-storage than am good ? right than i have usb manu support

i tryed says these: The package kmod-usb-storage is not available in any configured repository.

here is what kernel and version i use openwrt

now i try and succeded to install says inroot and up to date but in ui dont see usb menu

says these but i dont see usb menu should i wait??

Executing package manager

Package kmod-usb-storage (5.4.143-1) installed in root is up to date.

Will only provide OS support for USB storage devices, there's no menu attached to it.
What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

i flashed from ddwrt to openwrt and open wrt dont see usb how to acces usb
stick? tplink wr1043v1 have usb input at back of roputer where is lans ports and yes in ddwrt and stock usb attach wos worked ok but i wanna openwrt to accheve it on

from where, and using what?

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from laptop in my room to router wr1043 usb memory indoor on same lan on adsl same room? from lan to usb on router

using windows explorer by type next


you need to install a SMB server, like ksmbd, samba 4 probably won't fit the flash space available.

ok than what? how will i enter in ui will i be able to see usabilitu of memoru

and how will i enter memory can like i say via explorer

wr1043 have 2 mb maybe litlle more memory

ok i got it i will install now a ksmbd :slight_smile:

it cant says these

Unable to execute *opkg install* command: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
ok thanks i got something i installed ksmbd-server now i will attach usb memory :slight_smile:

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