Need to modify hardware of TP-Link C7 AC1750 v5?

Hi, I am totally new to OpenWrt and find the page for
quite confusing. Does this mean, I have to solder / void guarantee of a new C7 AC1750 v5 to install OpenWrt or to revert to factory image ?


I can't find where on the page you linked does it say that you need to solder to flash OpenWrt.

Having said that, flashing a non-manufacturer firmware is a risky process and there no guarantee that it will go trouble-free. Sometimes things go wrong and you need to resort to recovery options, one of which is serial connection.

I had to recover my C7 V2 before, and could do that without soldering (just sticking pins in the holes). But it seems they changed things for V5.

A bit off-topic, but if you can still return the C7, you may want to opt for other options. The C7 is a solid device, but a bit over priced (and in fact it has relatively small storage space).

No, to install Openwrt you can just install the image via the Web Interface. To return to factory image there might be the need to use TFTP but even that doesn't require soldering.

Thanks, Hegabo. I got a bit confused by all the uboot stuff and even on Amazon somebody mentioning soldering in multiple places ( at least related to the 2.4 ghz antennas ).

I have not actually purchased the device yet and was also a little bit worried about the memory.
However, in Germany I could not find alternatives which are both, more reasonably priced and have more memory.

I was considering the AVM fritz 4040 which costs > €10 more. It does have more memory, but is signifcantly slower (looking at the specs) and sometimes appears to suffer from unclear performance issues.

What would be your recommendation ?

Cool, thanks a lot Faser!

Get a C7 from Ebay should be able to get for 30 Euro.

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There are other options that are more value for money. Have a loot at the previous topics.

Also it could help if you mention your Internet speed and your requirements.

Thanks! Had browsed through the hardware topics already, but
Have 8 - 10 devices (video calls, gaming, video streaming) connected on a 50-56 mbit line. ( currently a bit weak due to Home office at times ) plus Raspi2 with PiHole ( LAN )
Current FritzBox 7590 encounters mysterious wifi connection drops.
So an OpenWRT box serving Wifi connected to Fritz 7590 on LAN is what I'm thinking of.

If it is only about Wifi connection and not about routing capabilities my suggestion is still Unifi APs.