Need to install luci-mod-rpc on Ubiquiti offline

So, as the topic states I need to install the luci-mod-rpc on my Ubiquiti AP AC LR that has no internet.

I downloaded a package and tried to upload it but it failed to install as it was missing dependencies.

Is there a way to do this? Do I need to download all required dependencies and then try to install the package (makes sense).

Im also struggling with exactly which files I need, as in for which platform?

Any help much appreciated.


If you do an opkg update, the path should be displayed, even if the actual DLds will fail.


Ok thanks,

It shows this address

I browsed to it and downloaded the gz, open the file called packages with a text editor and searched for the package "mod-rpc" but the search returned no results?

Then go to and search for the packages you need.
Note there are subdirectories too.

Thanks, done that too, no luck!

Is it possible the package has been discontinued or is not available for my build/chipset?

Should be available in 21.02 according to

Any chance you can help me locate it as ive been at it for a while now

Guess no one has any idea where or how I can get these packages installed?


BTW, this information is available at the the Table of Hardware for your device:


And there you find:

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That is the target-specific dir for images, kmods etc., but the vanilla user-space packages in the /packages/ sites.
for ath79 the right architecture is mips24kc


Direct link to the file:

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