Need to include right mount utility

Would like to include the mount utility that is not based out of busy box.... Kindly advice
root@OpenWrt:~# mount --help
BusyBox v1.36.1 (2023-11-14 13:38:11 UTC) multi-call binary.

Usage: mount [OPTIONS] [-o OPT] DEVICE NODE

Mount a filesystem. Filesystem autodetection requires /proc.

    -a              Mount all filesystems in fstab
    -i              Don't run mount helper
    -v              Verbose
    -r              Read-only mount
    -t FSTYPE[,...] Filesystem type(s)
    -O OPT          Mount only filesystems with option OPT (-a only)

-o OPT:
loop Ignored (loop devices are autodetected)
[a]sync Writes are [a]synchronous
[no]atime Disable/enable updates to inode access times
[no]diratime Disable/enable atime updates to directories
[no]relatime Disable/enable atime updates relative to modification time
[no]dev (Dis)allow use of special device files
[no]exec (Dis)allow use of executable files
[no]suid (Dis)allow set-user-id-root programs
[r]shared Convert [recursively] to a shared subtree
[r]slave Convert [recursively] to a slave subtree
[r]private Convert [recursively] to a private subtree
[un]bindable Make mount point [un]able to be bind mounted
[r]bind Bind a file or directory [recursively] to another location
move Relocate an existing mount point
remount Remount a mounted filesystem, changing flags
ro Same as -r

There are filesystem-specific -o flags.

Include where ?
Include how ?

In the openwrt rootfs .... like below version of mount

[mkamil@vcam3build01 OS-Refresh]$ mount --help

mount [-lhV]
mount -a [options]
mount [options] [--source] | [--target]
mount [options]
mount []

-a, --all mount all filesystems mentioned in fstab
-c, --no-canonicalize don't canonicalize paths
-f, --fake dry run; skip the mount(2) syscall
-F, --fork fork off for each device (use with -a)
-T, --fstab alternative file to /etc/fstab
-h, --help display this help text and exit
-i, --internal-only don't call the mount. helpers
-l, --show-labels lists all mounts with LABELs
-n, --no-mtab don't write to /etc/mtab
-o, --options comma-separated list of mount options
-O, --test-opts limit the set of filesystems (use with -a)
-r, --read-only mount the filesystem read-only (same as -o ro)
-t, --types limit the set of filesystem types
--source explicitly specifies source (path, label, uuid)
--target explicitly specifies mountpoint
-v, --verbose say what is being done
-V, --version display version information and exit
-w, --rw, --read-write mount the filesystem read-write (default)

-h, --help display this help and exit
-V, --version output version information and exit

-L, --label synonym for LABEL=
-U, --uuid synonym for UUID=
LABEL= specifies device by filesystem label
UUID= specifies device by filesystem UUID
PARTLABEL= specifies device by partition label
PARTUUID= specifies device by partition UUID
specifies device by path
mountpoint for bind mounts (see --bind/rbind)
regular file for loopdev setup

-B, --bind mount a subtree somewhere else (same as -o bind)
-M, --move move a subtree to some other place
-R, --rbind mount a subtree and all submounts somewhere else
--make-shared mark a subtree as shared
--make-slave mark a subtree as slave
--make-private mark a subtree as private
--make-unbindable mark a subtree as unbindable
--make-rshared recursively mark a whole subtree as shared
--make-rslave recursively mark a whole subtree as slave
--make-rprivate recursively mark a whole subtree as private
--make-runbindable recursively mark a whole subtree as unbindable

For more details see mount(8).

Try installing the mount-utils package?

Go to and select your device, click the tiny arrow, and add the name of the package(s) you need.

Click request build, DL the new image, and flash it.

Where can i find in the make menuconfig ??

There's a reason you were asked where/how it should be included, creating you own image is crucial information...

Which version of openwrt are you using? In 23.05 it is in Utilities.

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Got it thanks

FYI - in the menuconfig menu if you hit / it will bring up a search window where you can search for things like mount-utils. For every match it finds, it tells you (among other useful info) where in the tree of sub-menus you can find it.

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It works thanks...