Need to hire someone urgently

I hope this is ok to post. Don't know where to post it if OK.
I am looking to hire someone with a minimum of 5 years of extensive experience in OpenWrt and extensive knowledge.

To mop the floors and change light bulbs in Spain?
A few important details missing from your job advert...


This typical X years of experience job advert talk doesn't mean anything if you search for people to really help you with Openwrt.

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We are still looking for someone. It is hard to find people on freelancer websites.

One possible reason for not finding someone: You do not give any details about the job to be done.

Please PM for more details. Thank you very much!

I am not interested, and I guess nobody else will be interested if you do not give any details about the job to be done.

Its fine! Thank you anyways.
It seems privacy has become an insult to some people nowadays...

Feel free to delete the post!

Nothing against privacy, but I really think you should at least give some hints what you expect to be done.

Do you need someone to develop OpenWrt support for a new device?
Or do you need to develop a special package?
Do you need someone to develop a LuCI GUI for a special application?
Do you need someone to make coffee?

Up to you how much information you want to provide.

I made a special package many years ago which I now want to update. It is a commercial package.

soliciting PM's (with minimal leading facts) is a (larger) violation in terms of privacy encroachment...

This is unbelievable! :joy:

I think both @wulfy23 and @tmomas are just trying to help.

If you post a message saying "I need someone capable of doing this specific task", it would be much easier that somebody reads the message and thinks "hey, I can do that".

If you post a generic message asking for a developer, most people will not bother to answer.

Just my two cents.

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Save your time and energy.
Just delete the post. I am out of here. Thanks!

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