Need to Hide SSID of an Access Point

Hi All,

I am trying to hide AP's SSID but I am not able to do that.
I tried with this below code using NetLink API's:

NLA_PUT_U32(msg, NL80211_ATTR_BEACON_INTERVAL, beaconInt);
NLA_PUT_U32(msg, NL80211_ATTR_DTIM_PERIOD, 1);

But the SSID is visible in the wifi list. What extra parameters I need to add to this.

Please, can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

There is an option for that.

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Thanks for the reply.
But I want to do it using Netlink API's not by editing wireless file.

Try the Linux wireless mailing list. You’re at least two layers of abstraction below what most using OpenWrt operate with.