Need to have some custom lines in LEDE DNS masq

I am using pihole on my network and I have LEDE setup to tell all connected devices to use the pihole box's IP address as the DNS. See this post for instructions.

In short, to have LEDE tell all devices to use pihole I went to: Network>Interfaces>GUEST>Edit>DHCP Server>Advanced Settings and under "DHCP-Options" I set up this code: 6,

What I'd like to do is have LEDE's dnsmasq make one particular device (my work laptop) exempt from using this DNS so its VPN can work properly. I understand this can be accomplished in a few lines.


Can I set this up using the LEDE interface and retain the 6, line?

This was referred from another thread about dnsmasq tagging and it seems to have instructions to accomplish exactly what you need:

Just use Google DNS instead of the OpenDNS addresses.