Need to do firmware upgrade using .tar file


Can we do firmware upgrade using .tar file?
I am new to this openwrt module and don't know about this module. So anyone can help me.

Thanks in advance.

  • What device do you have?
  • Are you saying that the OpenWrt file provided at the downloads page is a TAR?
  • What module?
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Certain images are provided as a gzipped tar... normally (at least that I've seen) for non-embedded devices that support eMMC modules or SSDs/HDDs.

If the official sysupgrade is a tar file, simply submit it as it is to the flash firmware GUI page or the sysupgrade CLI command. There is no need to untar or otherwise process it first. This is mostly for routers with NAND flash.


Hi All

Thanks for your reply.
I have tar file in format ".tar.gz". I want to upgrade the router image using this tar file.
So i will browse this tar file to the flash firmware GUI page and will click on flash image. But it is gettting error.

Thanks in advance

What model router, and where did you get that file?


When OpenWrt switched from tar files to bin files for sysupgrade, LuCI no longer allowed flashing of the tar files. I'm not sure what causes the error, or if using sysupgrade via SSH will bypass the issue.

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Hi @JW0914

I am using "sysupgarde" for upgrading the image. It only allows "data" file format to upgrade the image. If i am using "gzip compressed data" file format to upgrade then it won't allow me to do upgrade.

Thanks in advance

@sakshib39 Have you seen this question?

What is the full name of the tar file?

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[quote]What is the full name of the tar file?

I'm not the OP but same issue


Currently running OpenWrt 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46 on a Netgear R6100.

Did you check this out?

Every step is described there and it's worth a try.


I figured it out looking elsewhere.

It's nice to know it's there but I didn't see it doing various searches on the internet. I found this thread instead.

Sysupgrade (image.tar) - from the command line, router closed the connection and upgraded itself.

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