Need to block NMAP scan on equipment with OpenWrt

Hellooooo. Please help. I am working on a computer and I need that when scanning with NMAP the TCP ports: SSH, HTTP and HTTPs of the same, these are not visible despite being open and listening. That is, something like blocking the NMAP scan.

thank you

A port can't be open and not open at the same time, there's nothing special or distinguishing about a scan from the outside from 'normal' access.

Either close your ports or put them behind a VPN.

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Thanks for the answer.


You could try port knocking:

but not sure whether that helps all that much...


Thank you


Or restrict the traffic (IPs) allowed to access them.

Thanks for the reply. That is what I am needing. Restrict traffic generated by a port scanning program. This in order not to block full access to certain management TCP ports. But I do not know how to do it. Thank you.