Need table of hardware in xls format

Can anyone point to a place to download the table of hardware in spreadsheet format?
Scroll down and you will find suitable files.


Thanks. I see it is a CSV (comma seperated values) with no commas. The data appears unmanagable. How do you get it into excel to display properly? Thank you.

Please google for how to import csv into excel.

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Thanks, got it. It's a .tsv (tab seperated value) file labeled as .csv (comma seperated value) file. You rename to .tsv, use Excel to open a file type of "All files") and then when the text identification panel comes up, the tab seperated value should be detected. Then you can either choose what columns are imported then or kill all the invalid columns later inside excel.

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I have reservation on using "google" as acronym for search. It's probably the best Web search engine but it's not the only one. Moreover, it might look udder friendly but it is close to hostile when it comes to user data collection and using its market dominnamce.

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