Need someone share the whole mtdblocks in any device of uap ac series

You've already asked for this or similar several times and been explained why that is futile and unnecessary:

The eeprom partition is unique per device. You cannot just replace it with an arbitrary copy from some other device. If you destroyed it without making a copy, then it's gone. Too bad, but there isn't really anything to do about that.

The other partitions can be easily restored from an OEM firmware image. There is no need to have any dumps from other devices for that.

But you never explained why you believe you need this All you said was

I replaced the right u-boot to a wrong u-boot which changed other mtdblock content in the flash

which makes no sense at all IMHO. What kind of u-boot would write something into the eeprom partition? It might write to the environment partition, but it's unlikely that this will collide with the eeprom being at the end of the flash.

And now you are jumping to the conclusion that you should just write an arbitrary flash dump from some semi-similar device? That's the sort of strategy that got you where you are now. Sorry, I refuse to help you destroy your device even more. You need to analyze a problem to fix it.

You seem to be prepared to rewrite the boot loader using an external flasher. The first and very obvious step before you do that is to make a verified backup of the current content. Do that. Show us.