Need some help forwarding ports

First time openwrt user. Setup was a breeze but I'm having some trouble forwarding ports.

  • I am using the Luci webui but can do ssh if required.
  • I have set up the openwrt device as a Wireguard client (Proton VPN with port forwarding enabled in the config).

Current firewall settings:

This does not work. What have I misconfigured, or forgotten?

Thanks in advance.

Does ProtonVPN supports port forwarding via the VPN?

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Yes. There is a port forward option when you create your wireguard configuration.

It looks like you have to request the port with natpmpc, did you do that?

Where do I configure that? I have installed the natpmpc package.

You have to ask proton.
But to give you a head start I googled this for you

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