Need some advice for the Meraki MR33

Any particular "RS232-to-TTL/CMOS" cable I should be using ? any recommendations ?

thanks in advance.


Excuse my ignorance, but would you say this cable should work ?

or is there anything more specific you could point me out ?

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That option looks OK to me. You may need a USB extension cable, though.

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Thanks a lot. I'll purchase one extender while at it. Again, thanks a lot.

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Some update. This didn't work out as expected. I cannot find drivers that recognize this USB to serial as native serial port. So it doesn't work; at this point I'm open to other ideas, for the time being I think im only left to order a serial expansion card to play around with this.

for which OS?

Windows; I ended up finding some drivers that recognized the device now. I'm thinking on ordering this instead and give it a try.

Or you can boot a Linux Live CD and use the terminal program minicom. The driver is likely built in the Kernel.

Will def try this once i get home. Any distro worth trying ?

Are you try this ?

Yes, I ended up suing these drivers, and that is how my PC recognizes the bridge. But when i fire up putty and connect using the serial connection, it does nothing.

Does you connect 3.3v or 5v pin on converter to router ? If yes, don't do that, just connect TX, RX & GND pin.

I'm not connecting those. I ordered a different type of USB to TTL to give that a try. I notice the GD led on my current USB bridge is red while the rest (TX, RX) are blue and sometimes blinking. I should receive the new USB - TTL this Saturday and I will try. I might have to even plug the damn thing to the server at work to use the board serial port on an Ubuntu image. Thanks for the reply, I'll report back either Saturday or Monday.

So I got this running on a linux machine (VM) and i go ahead and run :
chmod a+x
i ran ls -l to make sure the permissions were rightly assigned and it shows:
-rwxrwxr -x 1 myname myname filesize date
then i try to run the: --write=mr33-uboot.bin
and i get an error saying " command not found"

I try the same command with the
./ --write=mr33-uboot.bin
and get this error "/usr/bin/env: 'python2.7': not such file or directory.

Im not sure if anyone could help me here at this point.

Please don't double post.

Does the terminal work on the Linux machine?

The terminal works, but i didnt get anything to work.

Can you provide a copy of the failed output, please?

from earlier.

then i try to run the: --write=mr33-uboot.bin
and i get an error saying " command not found"

I read that; and I understand. It does not help me to assist you further, because I cannot determine if you're typing that on the Linux machine - or on the terminal connected to the MR33.

Please assist by posting the full output from the machine itself.