Need SMB1 opkg and your help, too!

Hi I´m Somon,

New to all this coming from the IT-side of things and a newbie to Linux OpenWRT, etc. I do have some experience with using SSH to connect to a Linux console and know a few commands, etc. but I am a beginner...

I am working on a project with a Teltonika RUT955 that runs the legacy Firmware 06.08.3. The goal of the project is to be able to connect vintage Microsoft Windows95 operating systems to a Samba Share on the RUT955.

This does not work, because of Windows95 using SMB1. So my "reseach" on OpenWRT tells me that what I need is to install a compatible opkg package, that supports SMB1 on the RUT955.

On the Teltonika Forum I got this: "Teltonika routers are based on Linux OpenWRT. It uses a Busybox ash shell by default and opkg is currently supported. Before installing anything, first, enter the command opkg update and then opkg install It is also recommended to hard reset the device before doing this, so that it can have empty storage as many as possible."

My question to you good people is this: Can you please help me find such an opkg?
Unfortunately I have no idea how to find a compatible opkg for the RUT955.
It will also be a challenge for me to get it installed, but I thought this would be the ideal thing to get started on the topic.

Can someone please help me, I would greatly appreciate your time and patience!

You will need a package built specifically for that release of that version... I think only they can help you.


What I posted was Teltonikas FirmWare Version, OpenWRT has this version:

Linux version 3.18.44 (openwrt@a10fe4b49db8) (gcc version 4.8.3 (OpenWrt/Linaro GCC 4.8-2014.04 unknown) ) #15 Tue Nov 16 13:44:56 UTC 2021

Please provide the OpenWrt version number. I'm unaware of a supported OpenWrt running Linux 3.18.44 built in 2021.

This leads me to think you're running Teltonikas' firmware.

Windows 95??? :confused:

Is there an SSH command that gives me the OpenWRT Version Number you requested?`

About Windows95 - we are talking about very old industrial MachineTools which still use 3,5" FloppyDiscs. The Windows OS can not be upgraded. These will never be part of a Network or connected to the internet or anything like that. It is about saving Data from the machines via share.

cat /etc/openwrt_release

Doesn't mean other devices will release software that will remain compatible (e.g. SMB1).

Interesting reads:

Was SMB1 supported in Linux...I don't think there was support until SMB2???

SMB1 was proprietary as I recall.

Thanks for the information! I will read in to this.

Unfortunately the command did not yield the Version Number:

root@ibeta:~# cat /etc/openwrt_release
cat: can't open '/etc/openwrt_release': No such file or directory

I got it:

15.05 Chaos Calmer

cat /etc/opkg.conf

root@ibeta:~# cat /etc/opkg.conf
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay

Uhh, you’ve got no package feeds. Or does openwrt work differently.
Anyway, you can try to download packages from here

Or set it up as a package feed.
Whether they are compatible with your specific version of 15.05 is down to whether it has been customised or not. And if it has, you’re back to needing support from the original vendor.


I read some more and found this:

In this article there is no mention on which version of linux they are referring to, but it does talk about SMB1 running on a linux system.

I checked the archive link thanks, but there us no documentation about the items listed here.

How can I find out what these packages actually do?

You’d have to google them or search the openwrt wiki.
You want a smb server, so you’re looking at samba36-server and it’s dependencies.
Probably the luci config package if it has one to make life easier.

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Thank you Lantis1008! I did some more homework / digging and wanted to thank you for your patience with me! Came up with the following:

I found a forum topic on Samba installation:

In there was a recommendation to this video on the topic:

Topic of this (also quite entertaining) YouTube vid is: "OPENWRT,CONFIGURE SAMBA AS HOME NETWORK SERVER"

The guy does this with WindowsXP (which has SMB1 and is capable of communicating with the Windows95 machines I want to connect with!

In the list of opkg-packages he installs on a BarrierBreaker I found exactly the same one you mentioned: samba36-server. So can I conclude here, that chances are samba36-server can do SMB1 and is also available for 15.05 ChaosCalmer?

FYI a list of the things in the YouTube video:

opkg update

opkg install block-mount
opkg install ead
opkg install kmod-scsi-core
opkg install kmod-scsi-generic
opkg install kmod-fs-autofs4
opkg install kmod-fs-ext4
opkg install kmod-input-core
opkg install kmod-lib-lzo
opkg install kmod-lib-textsearch
opkg install kmod-lib-zlib
opkg install kmod-nls-cp437
opkg install kmod-usb-storage
opkg install kmod-usb-storage-extras
opkg install libext2fs
opkg install libow
opkg install libow-capi
opkg install libsysfs
opkg install luci-ssl
opkg install luci-app-samba
opkg install luci-theme-openwrt
opkg install luci-i18n-english
opkg install luci-lib-httpclient
opkg install uhttpd
opkg install uhttpd-mod-ubus
opkg install samba36-server
opkg install usbutils

/etc/init.d/samba enable

/etc/init.d/samba start

/etc/init.d/samba restart

***Create samba users by adding them to /etc/passwd then using smbpasswd -a to set passwords and add to samba. Setup shared directories permissions according to your needs using chown and chmod. Any unknown usernames used for authentication against samba are mapped to a guest login silently by default. ***

smbpasswd -a your password

chown -R password /DIR.

*** It probably would rather avoid trouble if you do this UCI conform in /etc/config/firewall:***

config 'rule'
*** option '_name' 'Don'''t track NETBIOS Service'***
*** option 'src' 'lan'***
*** option 'src_port' '137-139'***
*** option 'dest' 'lan'***
*** option 'target' 'NOTRACK'***

config 'rule'
*** option '_name' 'Don'''t track NETBIOS Service'***
*** option 'src' 'lan'***
*** option 'dest' 'lan'***
*** option 'dest_port' '137-139'***
*** option 'target' 'NOTRACK'***

config 'rule'
*** option '_name' 'Don'''t track Windows Filesharing'***
*** option 'src' 'lan'***
*** option 'src_port' '445'***
*** option 'dest' 'lan'***
*** option 'target' 'NOTRACK'***

config 'rule'
*** option '_name' 'Don'''t track Windows Filesharing'***
*** option 'src' 'lan'***
*** option 'dest' 'lan'***
*** option 'dest_port' '445'***
*** option 'target' 'NOTRACK'***


Okay, so the OPKG suggested here is installed on the Teltonika device!

I tested a moder PC with SMB2 - it works!
I tested Windows95 - it doesn´t work :frowning:

Did a Wireshark session and could see that it attempts to negotiate SMB2 with the Windows95 OS, which fails.

That leads me to my next question: How can I find out about the configuration possibilities - I am hoping that "SMB1 protocol" can or must be activated somehow.

Can you please help me on this?
Thank you!
That's the SMB bible. It probably contains more options than are compatible with your older version... but anyway.

You need to make changes to min protocol which would probably be set to SMB2 by default.
I think this is at /etc/samba/smb.conf on a default system. Be aware that the runtime config file is more likely in /var and is generated at start from the one in /etc. At least i think that's how it works last time I looked.

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I spent quite some time reading "the SMB bible" and it seems to tick all the boxes.
Referring to settings related to legacy Win9x systems, IPC$, NTLM, LM, etc.


I will use this reference to try and connect the Windows95 machine.
It might take a while for me to fiddle with the settings but I will report back!

Thank you so far!

You may want to verify this. My quick history search leads me to believe this may have been the case. Also as I recall, Windows 95 didn't have SMB2.