Need router advice

Dear All

I need to have zerotier working on openwrt router but I have a problem with
space so members hear Advice to have a new router with at least 8 MB flash

I search locally in our makert and find that tplink is the cheapest one but the most
cheap router wr840n V6 have only 4 MB flash and costs about 18 $

So please advice me with tplink cheap router that have at least 8 MB flash to buy[Brand*~]=TP-Link

@steen you've already had several threads around your problems getting zerotier to install on various low-flash devices. You have yet to confirm that a device with 8 MB of flash is sufficient or that 64 MB of memory is sufficient for it to run reliably. I'd strongly suggest you consider 16 MB of flash and 128 MB of RAM as a minimum.

For a couple dollars (or whatever your local currency is) more, a decent device in the same price range will save you time over the cheapest ones out there and likely be upgradable for much longer than one that is still RAM constrained, even if it has the marginal 8 MB of flash.

Your best resource for inexpensive devices continues to be

I found a router Linksys E900 on local market and know from wiki that it have 8 MB Flash
and 32 MB ram.

But before buying it I need to make sure it is Version: 1.0 with 8 MB Flash and 32 MB ram
as wiki

So How to do this before buying it ??

I strongly recommend against the Linksys E900.

regardless of the price, there are much better options.

Now I found Nexx WT3020 locally but the Buyer say it is
Nexx WT3020F While on the bottom ticket writen Nexx WT3020 only without F
So How to ensure that is F ??
As it will different in Flash size ...

This should be the first place to check ( you can remove the TP-Link filter )

And 16MB/128MB is the better option[Availability*~]=Available&dataflt[Supported+Current+Rel_releasepage*~]=18.06.1&dataflt[RAM+MB*~]=128&dataflt[Device+Type*~]=Wifi+Router&dataflt[Flash+MB*~]=16

I love my Linksys WRT 32X, specially, cause I havent found any Problems untill now, with openWRT 18.1 on it, stable and RockSolid both together...and WLAN, WOW, I had some days ago a Brand New MacBook Pro here that is WLAN AC 1300 capaz, and I dled from my SSD HD, atatched to the Linksy WRT USB3 Port via WLAN 170/MB/sec !!! Faster then Gigabit Ethernet!! But, if the WRT32X is the best router arround...I cant Im not able, to test them all myself :joy::rofl:


Thanks for all
Last I order orange pi Zero it costs about 15 $ with 256 MB ram and
Sd card used as flash and case.
This means you can have any flash size as you want by sd card size.

Thanks Again