Need 'PowerCloud Systems' brand added for ToH (supported device)


I wanted to add Wiki/ToH entries for 'PowerCloud Systems' devices (CR3000, CR5000, and CAP324). They have been supported since LEDE release and will also be in 18.06, so I thought it'd be good to have a ToH entry for each. I'll see if I can figure out how to add just a device page at least.

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@jow @hnyman Can either of you do this, or is there a template to create (I can do that if I could find the template on the Wiki.

@tmomas is the wiki guru


I've never added a new ToH page, just edited the existing one, but it's still a wiki, you should be able to.

If that section is restricted and wouldn't let you create a new page -- create a new page following the device templates in the playground (there was a safer location to do that, forgot what it was) and PM the wiki/web-site team the link(s).

Apparently (from the looks of the what I read) the ToH is specially handled and the it's not so easily done; the pages have to follow a very specific format AIUI, and I could find the empty template for a page (the ToH section is designed so that you have to go through the ToH entry generator). It's all to do with preventing borking the ToH.

I'd take an existing device page as a template and follow that. Either something like WRT series if the same page is going to cover multiple devices or some simple device page if you're going to create an individual page per device.

@tmomas will @stangri's suggestions work for the ToH?

I added the Brand PowerCloud Systems just now.

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@tmomas could your write a very short explaination on how to add a brand? Is this some administrative action? Thanks! :smiley:

  • Admin -> Data Plugin: Field Aliases
  • brand -> add your brand in alphabetical order
  • copy and past brand to brand-new, keeping the Please select in front
  • Save Aliases,done.

Hi, I can't mark this solved, any idea why?

Now you can :slight_smile:

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