Need opinions on buying a router for OpenWrt

I use fibernet with PPPoE connection. I pay for 250 Mbps download and upload. Mostly want to use OpenWrt for SQM. I don't expect to get straight up 250 Mbps with SQM, I want to get atleast 100-150 Mbps download though.

I did some research and ended up on few choices:

  1. Netgear R6350 / R6850
  2. Tp-Link Archer C7
  3. Tp-Link Archer C6U
  4. Linksys E5600

Not sure what router do I need to get though. If you have other options at this same prize range, I would love to hear them too!

The only reason why you're dumping your A9 is the missing 2.4GHz Wifi, right ?

What about buying some cheap-o 2.4GHz capable device to cover those needs, until the 2.4GHz radio gets supported ?

Eitherways, the A9 can't go beyond 100 Mbps download speed :frowning: with sqm. So yeah, I am returning A9 now.

have you checked Xiaomi router 4A gigabit edition?

Not sure how much the RT3200/EA8450 does with SQM but it has an ARM SoC. It seems like the SoC also supports offloading to some extent.

All the ones you list are MIPS. For routing higher speeds with SQM MIPS really isn't a future proof solution for an edge router.

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Yeah I did, is it good and better than those?

Yeah right now I don't have a higher budget to invest on a better router. I am just trying to get the best one in this prize range, preferably something from this list.

mi router 4A gigabit have better hardware than anyother in this segment...but installing openwrt is bit you should research that first.

How so? From what I can see it's MT7621 and the topic starter has multiple of those on his list already.

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You also have another thread asking the same questions on "what router to buy".

Please stick to one thread.


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If you don't mind purchasing at Aliexpress, you may want to check Redmi AX6S (~US$ 70). While OpenWrt flashing procedure is a little tricky in this device, the mt7622 SoC is a dual-core ARM which has a much better performance than mt7621 (MIPS).

I did a performance test and with you may likely achieve 500Mbps with SQM:


I have to stick with only Amazon for buying everything sadly. But this one seems like a solid option.