Need OpenVPN device recommendation

Looking to upgrade my ASUS CM-32_AC2600 because I can't get it to connect as a client via OpenVPN, and OpenWRT does not support it. Any recommendations? All I need it to do is support OpenVPN as a client for several devices and have similar or better specs than my current router. I want something reliable and tested. Hoping to keep it less than $300 but I'm open to all. Thanks.

EDIT: Something that has a built in modem is ideal, but I can buy a separate modem if necessary.

It's not happening, you'll have to use two devices.

If you don't mind, RT3200, RG-E5 or WRX36, all well below $100.

Do you actually need/require OpenVPN as opposed to more modern, more performant vpn protocols such as wireguard? I’d highly recommend using wireguard if that is an option.

Thank you for your reply. OpenVPN is required as WireGuard is not compatible.

Just to be certain - wireguard is not compatible with what?? (In your setup, what are you saying is incompatible?)

Lightway protocol

But this is also not OpenVPN

I am a noob. Please recommend a course of action for someone using ExpressVPN.

If this doesn’t help, search the forums for other threads.

ExpressVPN supports two protocols, OpenVPN and lightway. On OpenWrt, only OpenVPN seems to be supported.

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For most commercial VPN now, there seems to have only OpenVPN that can be implemented easily. Even the PIA I am using are telling people to use OpenVPN if you don't want to use their GUI client, WireGuard exists but due to the nature of changing config from time-to-time there is someone with a custom script to grab/change WireGuard config once every few days to achieve it.

Most commercial vpn providers support WireGuard on the router.

As WireGuard is usually three times as fast as OpenVPN and much easier to install that is something to take into account when researching a VPN provider.

I use Mullvad :grinning:

All good options. The WAX206 would be good too, just to throw another option on the list. It will probably come down to what you can find in your local market.

The RG E5 is a bit light on flash space (16MB). It has enough to run OpenWrt, LuCI, OpenVPN and a few more things, but you may find yourself bumping up against this limit sooner than with another choice.

All these devices have A53 CPU cores. OpenVPN runs on one core, and the WRX36 ipq8072 CPU has the highest clock rate (2.2 GHz quad core vs 1.35 GHz dual core for the others), so the WRX36 would be the speedier OpenVPN option.

OpenWrt support for the MT7622 in the RT3200, RG E5 and WAX206 is more mature - I'd personally pick one of those options today if fastest throughput were not my highest priority.

only reason I didn't mention the WAX206, is because it's more expensive than the other three.

but it's by far the easiest to flash.

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