Need help with ZNC + SSL

Im not supposed to use command znc from bash since it wants to create config files as root.

 -c, --makeconf     Interactively create a new config

[ ** ] Unable to locate pem file: [/root/.znc/znc.pem], creating it
[ .. ] Writing Pem file [/root/.znc/znc.pem]...

How i can generate .pem file (easiest way for noob) ? or can i use that one from root directory ?

[ ** ]  -d, --datadir      Set a different ZNC repository (default is ~/.znc)

Where is default data dir under openwrt /etc/config/znc ?

runas_user	string	no	root/nobody	Run ZNC as this user instead of the default user (root for external config, nobody for generated config)

Should run as nobody right ?

Openwrt wiki znc
official guideline