Need help with wrt3200acm

So I've been having wifi issues with my router and decided to install an openwrt for the first time to see if it would help. Didn't seem to complicated. Find the right image and install. Did all that. Got to the openwrt login screen after some hardships (had to enable java or flash or something)started following instructions to get the wifi set up and afterwards. No internet what so ever. Don't know what I did. I can still hook up my pc to the modem at least. My question is either how do i get internet back on or how do I revert back to stock firmware?

some info

You need to provide me info. Is the router itself getting Internet but not routing it to clients? Can you ping a public IP from the router interface?

Neither do I, to be honest!

Is it a modem or a modem-router? Do you need to have username and password entered in your PC? Or do you just plug the cable? Also can you confirm that modem-router IP if it's a modem-router? Is it on by chance?

Did you try plugging the cable from the modem/modem-router into wrt3200acm LAN port and see what happens?

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Good news I tried the 30/30/30 reset as a last ditch effort before I had to sleep and got the internet back up and running and got the wifi up and running as well. I'm glad I came across that method last night because I'll be honest, this was a rabbit hole I should not of touched. So I'm going to say its solved through sheer luck and reading many many posts from all you tech heroes on here.
If I may ask. If I want to go back to the stock firmware because of parental controls, is there a good easy to follow link with instructions on how to do it with a warning at the bottom that reminds me to not mess with things I don't fully understand ?

I am not sure to be honest, but I imagine you can use UBoot to flag to stock. If you search the forum you will find something. I don't own this device.

It's a dual boot device, so you also need to read about how this works to avoid confusion.

Does a forum search for WRT3200 back to stock yield anything helpfull for you?

Is the WRT3200ACM devicepage of any help?

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Yes that will work perfectly. Thank you all so much for helping me through this stressful ordeal I had. I didn't want to spend another $200 on a router that I bought less than a year ago

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