Need help with VLAN on xiaomi ac2100


I have a xiaomi mi ac2100 and i would create vlan on my port3 ( vlan1 with port 1,2 and vlan 2 with port wan )
i don't have menu switch, i do it with interface and i need help, i don't know make it.
no vlan on port 1,2 and wan

do you have a example with vlan on it ? how i need number interface ?

I have the same problem with a Redmi AC2100. I bought it because I wanted to set up my house with VLANs and Subnets but I don't see the Switch configuration page.

Hi @michael067 I found out why the Switch page is missing.

Starting with OpenWRT 21 there’s no more the old Switch page, instead it’s being used the so called DSA and you configure it from the bridge interface.

Go to: Network -> Interfaces -> Devices -> Configure… -> Beidge VLAN Filtering and finally you can Enable VLAN filtering.

It’s very hidden compared to previous versions.

Hi All

Which configuration is better – vlan on the br-lan like br-lan.5, or second approach – create 802.1q vlan for each interface: lan1.5 lan2.5 lan3.5 and connect them into software bridge – br-myvlan

Could anyone share his vlan configuration over the bridge, please. I spent a few hours yesterday and couldn’t get the VLAN over br-lan working.


Hello, did you manage to get it working ? I have a redmi ac2100, and I am in the same situation: my isp(o2) uses vlan 6 for internet and I don't know how to config that. Thks!

Set WAN interface to wan.6

Wow !!! Working, thanks a lot. Now I have another issue: with my cheap isp router I get 600 mbps, but with my ac2100 with openwrt I am only getting 300-400 mbps. I don't have qos activated (I've read it could cause this issue), so i'm lost here. What can I do next ? Thanks again...

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