Need Help with Relayd and VPN

Hi. I have a Fritzbox 7490 as main router connected to internet and an Fritzbox 4040 with Openwrt as "repeater" over wlan.
I found tut how to "relay bridge" it so it became an ip from the main router.

Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration

Now i want that the repeater/extender connects over Nordvpn.
I made it how the tut it says on nordvpn site...

OpenWrt setup with NordVPN

It´s a tut for a standard configuration (No relayd), but it worked when i finished, but when i looked yesterday on nordvpn, it says "unprotected". I reconfigure it like the tut, but i have no luck.

Can somebody help me with this? Or how i have to set firewall rules? Cause if i try something, always i have no internet connection then....
I think there is my problem....


Consider using wireless client instead of relayd

Generic instructions for openvpn client with LuCI