Need help with r7800 performance

I'm having issues with the openwrt firmware I've downloaded the up to date firmware everything looks good but performance wise I'm not satisfied it's sometime inconsistent on dslreport for bufferbloat... Everything is set to default, the only thing I added was sqm cake and the setup is on sqm my interface is eth0.2(wan, wan6) and I took 85% of my max bandwidth (200mbps down) and (35mbps up) so 85% gives me 170/29. On the queue disciplined I have it set to cake, then piece of cake or test wan triple isolate piece of cake. As for link later adap... Im running on cable (optimum) I have Ethernet w/ overhead set to 22. Now my thing is how do I install or upgrade to hnyman build since there so many good reviews. Please help I want really good performance for my gaming section I game on Xbox and normally play alot of shooters game so every millisecond counts and as for bufferbloat I sometimes get A+ or flat A but the download latency shoots up to 35 - 45ms and upload average is 15ms with latency possible of 20-26ms sometimes it's over 100 Ms late

Try this.

@fantom-x where do I put those codes in? And can I copy and paste all of it at once or copy the first top half the the bottom separately?

All of it goes into /etc/rc.local. There is a startup section in LuCI somewhere that you could use.

@fantom-x ok I copy and paste it and hit submit... But nothing happened am I supposed to restart my router or something or just leave it as is?

@Migueltaveras6, welcome to the community!

You would have to restart, given that file runs at boot.

Anymore enhanced tips to better my performance? I'm currently running on hfc connection so it's a hybrid of fiber and cable what should my setup be for this?

Not really, this is high end hardware that does not have OpenWRT support for high performance. You are pretty much running it at capacity already. You might still try increasing the overhead value form 22 as I hear that it is better to oversize it than undersize. The actual value needs to be discovered by experimenting.
If you search the forum, you could find more tips about fine tuning SQM, though.

Ok and yes I increased it to 44