Need help with model AWF-5g

I have a 4g router, that is running openwrt v1.2. The model is a AWF-5G. Need help find the right updated openwrt with the gui that it has now. I have look for the model in the list of routers and have not found it. Thanks for any and all help.

What brand is this router? And how come you have OpenWrt v1.2? The current version is 18.06 now!

The brand, not for sure of it. All it says on it is 4g router, as for why I have v1.2, that is what is loaded on it.

Could you send the System section you have in (or wherever you have the system section)

Here is what is under System's :openwrt1

Here is what is on the bottom of that screen: openwrt2

Doesn't the casing have indication of the brand?
Is it possibly the same one as this
The old forum topic suggests that you can flash it with the firmware as ZBT-826. If you do that, please note that you would be risking bricking your router.

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No it's not the same router. But I think it is where he got it form (kuwifi) not for sure.

I think this is the router the I am working on.
not for sure it is the correct one, will get the person who got it and ask me to make it work.

Can you get to a console on the device or otherwise get the boot log for the device?

I can hook my laptop up to it. where would I get the boot log from? Sorry this is my 1st time (trying to) using openwrt.

Hi, I need any Help to find or how to download an Specific Firmware for WE826-t2.
I need the OpenWrt AWF-5G V1.2 Powered by LuCI Trunk (svn-r10457) OpenWrt Barrier Breaker unknown.
Can someone help me where to find this version of openwrt? Or explain how to download a firmware from a router, because I have this version in one, and I could download it of the we826 t2 if it is possible...
I know that it isn't an updated version and it is old, but i need this version.
Thanks in Advance