Need help with luci package environment


Currently I'm looking into creating a opkg package but I wonder how to set up the environment so it works better than I think is possible (currently with just notepad)

Now I have written in a some languages like java with Eclipse and C# with VisualStudio but I always had a option to add a API as reference with auto complete included, of course I understand just javascript is not having a intepreter but I would think of some sort of auto completion to make it easier.

I do know visual code also have some sort of auto completion but how could I make visual studio know I reference Luci to make Luci apps?

it's not the end of the world but it helps me alot to learn the api better and not making me referencing things which may not exist I only have to look more to the js docs :stuck_out_tongue:

some tips/advises are really much appreciated :+1: