Need help with firewall configuration for hilink

Using hilink modem connected to router usb port - acts as ethernet router
I cant access modem webpage or ping it from windows pc. I can ping it from router.
Here is mine configuration:


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It looks like not all of your WAN's are in the firewall's 'WAN'(group) ?

The same as you grouped your LAN (br-lan) you should group your WAN.
Your firewall only looks at wan, not wan2 or wan6.

To test this you could just change wan to wan2 in your firewall, then it should work from your PC. (Don't forget to 'Save & Apply' after changing things in Luci.)

Edit: You can remove the 'Allow-Hilink' rule within the firewall.


They are all. As you can see in red border color. Also problem is both for wan and wanb. Also i got same setup on other device and it works correctly there.


The red border does not say they are all in 1 group, like br-lan.

Quote: "Also problem is both for wan and wanb." (You meant wan6?)
If all wan's are in 1 wan-group and firewall looks at wan-group (instead of only wan) it should be solved.

Quote: "Also i got same setup on other device and it works correctly there."
On what device? Is it running OpenWrt?


On wrt1200ac runs fine with exact same interface and firewall settings. Both running same openwrt version.

Check wan on firewall tab. Under covered networks all wan interfaces should be selected (by default has wan and wan6)