Need help with "Firewall" and "Interfaces" rules/settings for OpenVPN


  1. Dual router setup. Second router with LEDE. Need all traffic that go out from LEDE router to be going via VPN.
  2. Created OpenVPN instance as client, it connects to VPN provider via UDP successfully.


  1. OpenVPN running on router, but traffic not going via that VPN tunnel.

Please help me with settings for "Network -> Interfaces" and "Network -> Firewall" tabs, i'm completely stuck with that.
Also, after all settings done i want to have access to router web interface from LAN as i now have.

Thanks for anyone who can help!

You might read these Openwrt wiki articles. Same applies to LEDE...

hi , im in the same situation as you , i can conect to the server and open the lede config page , nevertheless im unable to see any of my other devices neither connect to the internet.

Were you able to solve it, openwrt does not provide a similar configuration wiki as we have.

Thank you

No, i'm completely giving up with this for now.
I asked several people on this forum who run OpenVPN successfully on their routers, but didn't get a clear answer or proper setup suggestions.
I still hope that someone from this community who is not indifferent will spend 5 min and write a small "how to" tutorial for beginners covering this issue.
Because i found that there are a lot of people like us here, who is also not that familiar with networks setup and deep understanding of LEDE, but still want to use OpenVPN and LEDE on their routers due to current situation with ISP monitoring.

Does this help?