Need help with DM9601 USB eth adapter on RPi

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I've installed openwrt on my RPi 3B, and for second eth I connected DM9601 usb eth adapter, using eth tool I was able to get details of its supported speed and duplex, it says 10 Mbps Full Duplex and 100 Mbps Full Duplex, but whenever I try to connect a device using DM9601 eth, I only get connected via 10Mbps Full Duplex channel, tried most of the solution for changing speed and duplex but no luck, Kindly help me out with this. Thanks

I bought a similar adaptor, which only worked to 10Mbps too on ebay. The vendor gave a refund when I showed him it could only deliver USB1.1 speeds over fast ethernet. USB2 needs to be supported, like an RTL8152 based chipset.

@murraydr44 thanks for your reply, It means there is no way I can make it work in 100Mbps mode ? Like forcing the usb version ? Cuz on windows it works fine, but in linux it stucks with 10Mbps. If there is anyway I could force the usb to version 2.0 it might work in 100Mbps. Kindly let me know.

I can't help on your issue but would recommend an adapter with rtl8153 chipset. I have a "rankie usb 3.0 lan adapter" what gives me ~300 Mbit/s on usb 2.0 on my PineA64. The "kmod-usb-net-rtl8152" covers the rtl8153 also...


Thanks all for your help, is there anyway I can get a 4 port eth switch on RPi 3 instead of buying multiple usb eth adapters.

I had an RPi3 running as the router on just the one port, connected to a 5 port switch. It ran for one day successfully as an experiment. The dsl modem was connected to the 5 port switch.

A Router With Just One Ethernet Port LG #140 (

@murraydr44 I couldn't understand what the article was trying to explain, what I want is to connect a 4 or 8 port switch to RPi and control that switch using openwrt. Is there anyway I can do that with unmanaged switched ? There is a guide on connecting a managed switch to openwrt. All I want is to have more than 3 ports on RPi to set each port with different bandwidth, or if there is a solution that I can control the bandwidth of the users based upon their mac, so I won't need a switch, only one eth adapter will work for me in that case. Kindly suggest me with possible solutions thanks.


You can't do that at all with an unmanaged switch.

While you can do that with a managed switch, there is no way to control this managed switch through OpenWrt's webinterface running on the RPi. You need to configure this on both devices in lockstep, defining the tagged VLANs on the RPi/ luci and the port/ VLAN configuration on your managed switch. At least a smart-managed (L2) switch is necessary for this to work, a full (L3) managed switch would also be possible - an unmanaged one cannot be used for this purpose.

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@slh yep so far no buddy has tried it, would it be possible to connect the switch using SPI interface ? Since RPi supports SPI and I2C communication protocols, I was wondering if somehow I could make an unmanaged switch communicate with RPi using SPI or I2C protocol and manage it through OpenWRT. Cuz there are alot of SPI based ethernet modules available for RPi, I was wondering it might work with the switch having SPI interface. What are your thoughts about it ? Will it or it won't ?

If above is not possible, Kindly suggest me a package for OpenWRT that can handle bandwidth limitation per host over MAC or IP.


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I have tried unsuccessfully to get a BananaPi M1 to setup a software vlan on its eth0 interface.
[OpenWrt Wiki] VLAN
The PC and BPi are connected to a tagged dsl.35 port through a dumb 5 port switch. The dsl.35 port is known to work (get a 2nd WAN IP) using another router.
update: I got it working, as LAN eth0 and WAN eth0.35 pppoe, with good results:

lan: eth0
wan: eth0.35 pppoe from vlan35 on HH5A red wan port
sqm: 0/9600Kbps/sec pppoe-wan, layer_cake, 8byteoverhead
A/A+ 25.1/9.13Mbps, 39/54/40msec avg idle/dl/ul
<a href="">
<img src=""></a>
Streams	8 : 4
Link	DSL sync 28807+ sync 10478+
Device / OS	desktop / Windows Win10
Browser	Chrome version: 90.0.4430.93
Browser CPU	above average (30123)

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That's cool, I would like to see how to set it up, and also will it have problems in the long run ? Cuz I was reading about the consequences, and they were presented to be pretty bad lol.

The USB wan adaptors drop out after a few hours to days. I found out the hard way and sold it off: Orange Pi R1 - Orangepi . The Banana Pi M1 / rtl8152 combo lasted for weeks.

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Cool, will give it a try.

Raspberry Pi 4 does not have the same dropout issues. Connected USB-Ethernet for WAN I've had consecutive uptime (of WAN interface without interruption) greater than 45 days.