Need help with DLink DIR-882 A1

I might come out as a noob with regards to OpenWRT. Apologies in advance!

I have a DLink DIR-882 A1.
Followed the guide here: D-Link Recovery GUI

Installed the factory openwrt image using D-Link Recovery GUI.

But after that the router just shows a green light. And I am unable to use it.
What is the issue here?
Am I missing some step?

Which OpenWrt factory.bin firmware did you use?
The release candidate OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc1 or a Development Snapshot build?

Did you use a Windows based browser or a Linux based one? The D-Link recovery can have issues with non-Windows browsers.

After you install the factory snapshot firmware you have to SSH into the installation. There you can update opkg and install Luci.