Hi there guys, please help me im so stupid, i have brandnew comfast cf-e314n v2 and i flash it using the file i downloaded in openwrt the correct file for my outdoor ap but the problem is the procedure of flashing it, i didnt read it all my fault i know im stupid, thats why my outdoor ap is not working anymore, i flash the .bin directly in the gui ip address which is in the upgrade tab i browse the file that i downloaded and confirm the flashing after the flash complete its not working anymore i cannot access the default ip address the wifi led indicator in no light at all and cannot detect anymore :sob: :sob: :sob: the four light signal strenght bar only the full bar single light has the led. please somebody help me to fix it... im so stupid that i flash it directly please please please.

how do i get back it to the stock firmware please guy help me :pray: :pray: :pray:

A quick search on the forum suggests to perform a reset using a special button. Here it is the first link: Cf-e314n - flashing openwrt / lede

Thanks, but i dont have a enough knowledge to what his saying in the post, i already downloaded the 3 .bin file, the problem is i cannot acces so how do i flash it back to stock firmware :sob::sob::sob: i dont know how to do it please explain to mw clearly :pray::pray::pray:

I was just referring to this sentence:

the gateway is not

  1. hold the the reset button
  2. try
  3. if that do not work, try to change the ethernet port, one is lan, the other is wan.
    don't warry it's not bricked, but you need also understand that device is in snapshot so no web interface.

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I dont get it, im a newbie in this kind of situation :sob::sob::sob: can you please explain clearly? Anywah i tried many time to hold eeset button, reset, and the doesnt work. I know you undertand my post if how i do the flashing

I already do thar reset reset thing but doesnt work.

stop crying and start reading the guides

Where is it?

are you on linux, macos, or windows?

  1. do you know how use ssh ?
  2. do you have any internet connection working ?

again, sorry wulfy23

im windows, i dont know ssh, i have good internet connection please help

sorry i dont undertand snapshot at all i have no idea in all of that i jjust thought that is ok just put the .bin file in the default gui and flash. im very stupid

guys... i directly flash the .bin file that i downloaded in openwrt site this is the file name


for the comfast e314n v2 using the default comfast gui after clicking confirm and reboot the device i cannot access it anymore even i set what to do now please help me

is there a chance to fix it or no chance, im loosing hope. :worried:

i tell you again, you cannot access to the web interface now, just for now, you installed an image whit no web interface.
really you don't know how use ssh and you installed a snapshot?

  1. install on your pc putty
  2. learn about ssh
  3. came back here

yes brother i really dont have any idea about all of that. im just so stupid

downloading putty i will try my best to learm ssh

hi its like cmd right? so what to do next please be patient to me. please

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first chose ssh in putty the address
username = root
password = no password empty

it's your home router gatway ?

the default ip address is but i cannot access it anymore i change it to like everybody said

oh i see yes the main router i change it already to

im getting error max reply in replying in this conversation please contact me a skypeid: silverbugs_9

i cannot reply to our conversation it says wait 8 hours to reply


i'm talking about your home router, no the comfast

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I assume you have a main router and then the comfast device. The main router is connected to fiber / cable or something similar, right?
If so, connecting the ethernet cable from your router to the WAN interface of the comfast should provide you internet access (by default wan interface uses DHCP). Try that. The result is a double nat, not the best solution in the world but enough for now.
Then, as said, you don't have any web interface. This is because you downloaded a snapshot and no t a stable release. You can however install a web interface on the device. First of all, download putty and read how to use it. (How to use PUTTY:

Connect your PC to the comfast (to the LAN port, NOT THE WAN) via an ethernet cable. Your pc should get an ip address (in the range - You can check in Windows Networking section.
Try to connect with PUTTY using as ip, root as username. There is no password.
If you manage to get through, try writing " opkg update " and then " opkg install luci uhttpd " and then you may need to write " /etc/init.d/uhttpd start ". You find a better guide on the Openwrt website.

You now have your web interface.