Need help upgrading my IQRouter v3

Broken wifi mappings
According to the EOL page

Note that in OpenWRT 23.05, the device mapping for wifi is broken, and you should use the image for a WE1326 if you want stable WiFi.

Seeing that this was posted a while ago, has this issue been fixed? I tried reading the release notes, but it wasn't clear to me that it was.

Recommended upgrading steps?
What are the recommended ways to upgrade my router? Should I use the sysupgrade option in the firmware selector for Zbtlink ZBT-WE3526 or WE1326? What other additional packages and configurations/settings should I look into?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I can't find any issue posted about it at

which would mean it's still valid.

Ah, that would have been a good place to check. I wonder if the IQRouter v3 is having the same issue as this

In that issue, the reporter discovered their WE1326 board was presenting itself as WE3526 and successfully running older firmware for WE3526 but having WIFI issues in 23.05.

Then, it is my understanding that the issue isn't broken WIFI mappings in the 23.05 update for WE3526, but that it's the wrong firmware build to use. That would also explain why the EOL page says to use the WE1326 page and that it wasn't listed on any of the 23.05 release notes' known issues.

Thanks for letting me know the GitHub repo exists, haha.